Ask MarryThis!: How much food to serve at a
self-catered wedding?

Today’s installment of Ask MarryThis! comes from one of our fabulous Facebook fans! Nicole writes:

“My fiancé and I are self-catering our brunch wedding for about 50 people – how much of each item should we make? I’m currently thinking of serving mini quiches (made in cupcake pans), bacon, two salads, and the Croissant sandwiches from your self-catering article. I want there to be a variety but I don’t think guests need a smorgasbord, either. Can you help?”

First, let me say, NOM! Can we come? 😉

A Charming Brunch Wedding

Second, good on you for taking the plunge into self-catering! We know that it can be incredibly intimidating to prepare and serve a delicious meal for that many people. You are a woman warrior! You have also made an excellent, pratical decision in choosing foods that can be prepared ahead of time and then warmed (if necessary) before serving.

Now, onto your question: For the main dish (in this case, the Croissant sandwiches) and dessert we recommend serving enough for 125% of your guests – you want to make sure everyone gets one or two of each. As for each side dish, I would only serve enough for about 80% of your guests, since everyone won’t eat the same thing and you don’t want to have a ton of leftovers (which means more money in your pocket and less in the trash!).

I hope this helps, thanks so much for your question Nicole! If Nicole’s wedding spread sounds right up your alley, check out our Charming Brunch Wedding Guide and our Fancy Croissant Sandwiches!

Happy planning!

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