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Finding the right wedding photographer

You may not realize it, but besides your husband, you’ll most likely spend most of your big day with a paid stranger – the photographer. They’ll be the flash-happy ninja documenting everything from the first kiss to the first dance. So, consider these elements when choosing the right wedding day “third wheel”: 

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Photographers all have their own different techniques. Consider how their artistic approach fits in with your taste. If you’d hang their portfolio photos on your walls, that’s a good indicator.


Sure, you’ve got a budget to stick to, but the prevailing wisdom is to get the very best photographer you can possibly afford. Consider hiring a well-established photographer for fewer hours so you still get great photos but not the big bill.


A more experienced photographer will know how to deal with difficult lighting situations and have quick timing. Ask them to show you a portfolio of an entire wedding they’ve shot versus a few highlight photos of an event. Photographers only pick their absolute best photos to show off to clients, so by asking to see an entire wedding, you’ll get a more accurate scope of their work.


Ask photographers how they archive and back up their photos – and if they archive, how long they store them. God forbid there’s a fire, or your computer crashes, and you contact the photographer only to find out your wedding photos are gone, lost out in computer space, and never coming back.


It is essential that your photographer makes you feel at ease. If you don’t trust, respect or get along with the person behind the camera, you’ll look uncomfortable, uptight, and uneasy in the finished product.

Do YOU have any additional photographer tips? Or horror stories? We’d love to hear your advice! Leave us a comment below to get the conversation started. PS – If you love the photo above, make sure to check out our free, downloadable Charming Brunch Wedding Guide.

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