Registry Dos and Don’ts – We’ve Only Used our Favorite Gift Once!

If you haven’t registered for gifts yet, it’s time to get scanning! I absolutely loved the thought of roaming isles and scanning each and every thing I wanted. It almost feels like you can just pluck the items right off the shelves and take them home. My fiance would rather be doing ANYTHING else, which is why he whined the whole time like a little ……. but I digress.

Seeing how you’re here in my little corner of the internet, chances are you’re a practical girl and want to create a super useful registry. Here’s the thing: Every couples’ situation is different, so there really isn’t any set of “registry” rules that will work for everyone. But, here’s a little food for thought before you start scanning:

Don’t forget about expensive stuff you don’t need now, but WILL need in the FUTURE! 

Enter the tent. My favorite gift we received from our registry. (Thanks, Uncle Bob!)

What to register for

We got married in March (a particularly COLD March) – and we didn’t use that tent until last summer, when we had already been married for two years, I was 7 months pregnant, and I had to find a way to get to the bathroom in the middle of the FREEZING woods every night when I couldn’t even wriggle in and out of my damn sleeping bag. BUT, we used the crap out of that tent, and it was awesome.  It’s about the memories, people. 

But let’s say you aren’t a camping couple – that’s fine. What will you need in the next few years that you don’t necessarily need now? A lawn mower? Gift certificates to Home Depot? A vacuum? A patio BBQ? I know you can find something – and when you’re newly married and strapped for cash (ahem, you just spent. it. all.) that gift will seem even better.

Here’s a rundown of some of my favorite gifts I received/registered for:

  • The tent
  • Smores set (it could do hot dogs, too!)
  • Basket of games (Uno, Trivial Persuit)
  • 8 pc. set of matching dishes (white, to match everything). Although on second thought I should have registered for 2 sets so I could sub-out chipped plates when needed.
  • Cooler, beach chairs and beach towels – which also came with a bag of tortilla chips, salsa and a case of Corona (didn’t use the chairs/towels until years later, and LOVED it!).

THINK TWICE ABOUT: Small kitchen gizmos and gadgets. A spoon is a spoon is a spoon. What’s the dif.

I hope this helps some of you! If you want to forego the traditional registry all together, here are some awesome alternative options: Unique Wedding Registries. Also, I can’t sign off without saying,
THANK YOU NOTES! Do them. Otherwise you’re a douche.

Happy scanning!

Allison is the owner and editor of MarryThis! With a love of weddings and a flair for budget-friendly ideas, she feels that gorgeous weddings don't have to cost an arm and a leg. A graphic designer by day (Allison Doty Graphic Design -, Allison also creates the visual presence of MarryThis!

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