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Bridesmaid Dress Roundup!
22 Dresses Under $50

Wooo! Today’s post makes me so happy. Not just because I love bridesmaid dresses, but ya’ll know I am also the biggest cheapskate ever – so today is like the roundup mecca of awesomeness! Take a scroll through our budget-friendly finds below, wont ‘cha? All of the product information and prices can be found at the bottom of this post.

22 Bridesmaid Dresses Under $50

1. Strike a Concord, $37 (sale price) | 2. Moxie in Magenta, $25 (sale price)
3.  I Love Your Dress in Plum, $43 | 4. Beige of Honor, $43 (sale price) | 5. Strawberry Iced Tea, $48
6. How Blue You Do, $48 | 7. Seams Only Like Yesterday, $45 | 8. I Dream of Indigo, $50
9. Frock Solid, $50 | 10. Closet Braid, $48 | 11. Midnight Sun Dress, $43 | 12. Steel My Kisses, $50
13. Easygoing Ending, $48 | 14. Not Just an Illusion, $50 | 15. Aquarium Afternoon, $45
16. Peppermint Iced Tea, $48 | 17. Versatile Lifestyle, $48 |  18. My Finest Aura, $35 (sale price)
19. Be Weave Me, $45 | 20. All Day Cachet, $50 | 21. The Current Time, $35 (sale price)
22. It’s Only Mint Believe, $50

Well ladies? What do you think? Do you have another favorite bridesmaid dress that is less than $50? Share a link for us in the comments below!

DIY Bridal Makeup:
Pixiwoo Video Tutorials

I started this post thinking I would write a basic roundup of my favorite bridal makeup video tutorials, but SURPRISE … time after time I always keep going back to the same source. So instead, this post has evolved into a love letter to Pixiwoo. With a bajillion views, Sam and Nic are two makeup artists with a Youtube channel that features DIY makeup tutorials. And these girls are good. Fantastic, actually. Pixiwoo even regularly features makeup tutorials to mimic popular celebrity looks (Angelia Jolie makeup tutorial, anyone?) and has a full gamut of bridal makeup tutorials.

For a budget bride, doing your own makeup can be an absolute necessity. And in my opinion, Pixiwoo is the absolute best resource! Here are some of our favorite bridal makeup tutorials to get you started.

Now, I know the next video is a drag makeup tutorial, but stay with me here. Believe it or not, this was actually my most helpful video! Pay special attention to these contouring and highlighting tips. For girls with a round, full face like me, this was the difference between date-night-out-makeup and it’s-my-wedding-day-bitches-makeup!

And last but not least, the classic Audrey Hepburn, my absolute favorite tutorial!

If you still haven’t seen a tutorial that matches the overall look you are going for, don’t forget to check out the rest of Pixiwoo’s video tutorials on Youtube!

Less than $200:
Tailored Gold Bridesmaids

Less than $200: Tailored Gold Bridesmaids

There’s nothing sexier than a well-tailored dress. This gorgeous bridesmaid look is sure to flatter your waistline AND your wallet. Throw in a few gold accessories, some seriously sparkly shoes and you have a winning evening look. Best of all, the entire cost of this look comes in just shy of $200.


{Clockwise} 1. Jetsetter Journalist Dress, $65 | 2. Big Buddah Heather clutch in yellow, $40 | 3. Geo Drop earrings, $4 | 4. Essie nail color in Beyond Cozy, $8 | 5. RSVP Stella in gold, $80

Less than $1K:
Champagne Bride

Less than $1K: Champagne Bride

Man, November got here fast! I guess time flies when you’re busy having wedding blog fun. We kick off this week with a gorgeous budget bridal look! I love the pale tint of this champagne bridal outfit. Throw in some sparkly stud earrings to die for (they’re CZs!), plus a sexy suede pump, and you’ve got a winning outfit. At only $704 for the entire outfit, you’re budget will be happy, too!


{Clockwise} Silk Georgette V-neck Gown, $550 | Carolyn Satin Evening Bag in champagne, $27 | Betsey Johnson CZ Earrings, $40 | Essie Nail Color in Angel Food, $8 | Jessica Simpson Calie, $79

Less than $1K:
Beautiful Amethyst Bride

Less than $1K: Beautiful Amethyst Bride

I’ve been on a purple kick lately (did you see our new purple, Bistro Chalkboard wedding invitations?). With purple on the brain, it only seemed fitting to create an amethyst bridal look that is both elegant AND budget friendly! Paired with cute peep toe pumps and drop earrings to DIE for, this bridal look is sure to turn heads. Plus, at only $864 for the entire outfit, your wedding budget will love you too!


{Clockwise} Sweet Rose Strapless Gown, $695 | Satin Envelope Clutch, $55 | Essie nail color in Miss Fancy Pants, $8 | Teardrop Cluster Earrings, $6 | RSVP Cailyn Shoes in Purple, $100

Less Than $200:
Beachy Tropical Bridesmaids

Less than $200: Beachy tropical bridesmaids

I love the idea of a destination wedding. While I chose to get married in my home town I LOVE the idea of getting away for a little R&R while you are in the midst of last-minute wedding stress. Plus, you can just extend your stay after the wedding – there’s no need to travel again for a honeymoon! This bridesmaid look is so bright and airy! Add in some fun accessories and your girls are sure to match their tropical surroundings. 


{Clockwise} 1. Seaside Mojitos Dress, $60 | 2. Style&Co. St. Tropez handbag, $43 | 3. Essie nail color in Action, $8 | 4. Etched leaf bangle set, $10 | 5. Dangling faux stone earrings, $6 | 6. Michael Antonio Gota wedges in yellow, $36

Less than $200:
Country Chic Bridesmaids

Less Than $200: Country Chic Bridesmaids

I’m sad to see summer go, but oh so excited for the new batch of brides who have begun wedding planning for next summer! I never made it to a country wedding this year, but I LOVE the idea of a soft flowey dress with warm distressed leather cowboy boots. Isn’t this outfit just divine? And even though we’ve dedicated this look for bridesmaids, the BEST part is that this ensemble would also be GREAT for a bride on a super strict budget!


{Clockwise} 1. Birthday Magic Dress, $100 | 2. Beaded Crochet Crossbody, $20 | 3. Essie nail color in Case Study, $8 | 4. Flower Chandelier Earrings, $6 | 5. Not Rated Musket boots in cream, $60

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