DIY Vanilla Extract Favors

I photographed a wedding last summer where the bride and groom gave out homemade vanilla extract as favors and I thought it was the most adorable thing. So I’m stealing a page from their playbook and offering you this DIY tutorial today for your own vanilla extract favors. This is an extremely easy project that can be easy on the wallet too — follow the steps to make your own.

DIY Vanilla Extract Favor


  • Vodka or Bourbon (or both)
  • Glass bottles with stoppers
  • Funnel
  • Vanilla Beans (Budget tip: Find these at a fraction of the price by buying them in bulk at a natural food store.)

DIY Vanilla Extract Favor

1. Clean your bottles and let dry. Put one vanilla bean in each bottle.

DIY Vanilla Extract Favor

2. Using your funnel, fill the bottles with alcohol — vodka makes a more classic vanilla extract and bourbon makes, well, a bourbon vanilla extract.

DIY Vanilla Extract Favor

3. Seal them up and store in a safe place without too much light or heat for at least one month.

Wedding DIY Projects

4. When you’re ready, add labels and hand them out to guests! (Hint: Stop by the blog tomorrow to get these cute little labels for yourself!)

Happy DIY-ing!

Sara Gray
Sara Gray is the founder and publisher of MarryThis! When she’s not taking photos of beautiful brides for Sara Gray Photography, she’s busy creating the next best thing.

8 Comments on "DIY Vanilla Extract Favors"

  1. Sarahbeth says:

    Where did you get your bottles? They are cute <3

    • Allison Allison says:

      The bottles can be found at any craft store like Hobby Lobby or Joann’s 🙂 We used bottles with rubber stoppers, but cork or screw tops would also work just fine!

  2. Gina says:


    This idea is super cute, thanks for sharing!! Could you share where you got those bottles from?


  3. Ashley says:

    This is probably a stupid question but why the alcohol? Is that really how vanilla extract is made? Does something happen to the alcohol over time? I guess it cooks out when you bake. Wanting to make this for my pastor’s daughter is why I’m asking…

    • Allison Allison says:

      Hi Ashley! Yes, all vanilla extract (including the kind you buy in the store) is made with alcohol. When in doubt I guess you could ask your pastor if it’s alright? I totally understand the concern. The bottles need to age for about 3 months before the extract is ready (it will get a lot darker), if you give the extract to her before then it will pretty much be straight alcohol :). I hope this helps!

  4. Kimberly says:

    Any idea how long homemade vanilla extract lasts? Does it have an expiration date? My fiancé and I want to do this, but not too far in advance!

    • Allison Allison says:

      Hi Kimberly! Vanilla extract does not have an expiration date — because of the high content of alcohol, it actually ages with time (just like alcohol does). We recommend making your vanilla a few months ahead, seems like the extract needs about 3 months before the flavor is fully developed. Make sure to shake all your bottles a few times a month to speed up the process. Good luck!

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