Frugal favor: Homemade granola

granola favor

I often think of a post-wedding morning as one of sleeping in, pressing the snooze button several times, and rushing around to get checked out of the hotel on time after a late night of fun.

That’s where this granola wedding favor comes in. Your guests will love you for this healthy breakfast on the go, plus homemade granola is so easy to make. And when I mean easy to make, I mean Rice Krispies treats easy. Granola takes just a few ingredients, time in the oven and voilà — you’ve got a boatload of tasty and inexpensive toasted oats, nuts and dried fruits.


Use this delish granola recipe from The Kitchen Sink. Granola is sort of like a cookie where you can add whatever you want and it never turns out badly, so choose your favorite dried fruits and nuts.

To make this favor: Fill each wax food bag with one cup of granola. Tie with a fun ribbon and our printable tag and you’re good to go.

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