Frugal Favor: Wine cork keychain

wine cork keychain

Don’t you love when a favor is pretty and inexpensive? I’m smitten with these wine cork keychains because they look classy, but they are secretly very cheap! Each favor cost less than 50 cents.

You only need three items for these so-easy keychains that take just a few steps to put together.

wine cork key chain


Wine corks
Screw eyes – I used 15/16 in.
Key ring

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Attach the key ring to the screw eye first.
  2. Twist the screw eye into the top center of the cork. Corks are pretty stable so don’t worry about using a little muscle to screw it in tightly.
  3. And voila, you’re done! Put a keychain at each guest’s place setting or fill a glass jar with the keychains and guests can take one as they exit.

Personalize it!: Paint the wine corks with your wedding colors, buy customized wine corks with your initials, or tie one of our beautiful printable tags to the key ring.

This favor would be perfect with our Wine and Cheese wedding guide. Download the free guide today!

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One Comment on "Frugal Favor: Wine cork keychain"

  1. Joane says:

    wonderful idea!!!!!!! I have a draw full and didn’t know what to do with them….thanks

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