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Bridesmaid Dress Roundup!
22 Dresses Under $50

Wooo! Today’s post makes me so happy. Not just because I love bridesmaid dresses, but ya’ll know I am also the biggest cheapskate ever – so today is like the roundup mecca of awesomeness! Take a scroll through our budget-friendly finds below, wont ‘cha? All of the product information and prices can be found at the bottom of this post.

22 Bridesmaid Dresses Under $50

1. Strike a Concord, $37 (sale price) | 2. Moxie in Magenta, $25 (sale price)
3.  I Love Your Dress in Plum, $43 | 4. Beige of Honor, $43 (sale price) | 5. Strawberry Iced Tea, $48
6. How Blue You Do, $48 | 7. Seams Only Like Yesterday, $45 | 8. I Dream of Indigo, $50
9. Frock Solid, $50 | 10. Closet Braid, $48 | 11. Midnight Sun Dress, $43 | 12. Steel My Kisses, $50
13. Easygoing Ending, $48 | 14. Not Just an Illusion, $50 | 15. Aquarium Afternoon, $45
16. Peppermint Iced Tea, $48 | 17. Versatile Lifestyle, $48 |  18. My Finest Aura, $35 (sale price)
19. Be Weave Me, $45 | 20. All Day Cachet, $50 | 21. The Current Time, $35 (sale price)
22. It’s Only Mint Believe, $50

Well ladies? What do you think? Do you have another favorite bridesmaid dress that is less than $50? Share a link for us in the comments below!

Allison is the owner and editor of MarryThis! With a love of weddings and a flair for budget-friendly ideas, she feels that gorgeous weddings don't have to cost an arm and a leg. A graphic designer by day (Allison Doty Graphic Design - allisondoty.com), Allison also creates the visual presence of MarryThis!

6 Comments on "Bridesmaid Dress Roundup!
22 Dresses Under $50"

  1. Crumbles says:

    Nice finds…some are more casual though

  2. Jess says:

    This post is perfect for sharing (ah-cuz it will be!); thank you so very much for putting so much cute in one spot!

  3. Always great to discover lovely wedding options that are easy on the budget!

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