Freebie Friday!
Food allergy place cards

Free printable food allergy cards

We loved yesterday’s guest post from Marisa aka The Food-Sensitive Foodie about how to cater to your guests who have food allergies. It only takes one double dip of a chip to put your best friend into anaphylactic shock, so being a sensitive host is not only kind, but your family and friends will appreciate the gesture.

We decided to take Marisa’s advice up a notch and create these food allergy place cards. We know you can’t cater your reception menu to every food allergy, but you can help your guests out by letting them know what dishes to avoid. These cards cover most of the common food allergies, along with options for vegetarians and diabetics.

Feel free to use either or both of our place card options. In a buffet style meal, you can use one place card to check off the “free of” foods and set the cards in front of serving dishes. Or with a seated dinner, put the appropriate card in front of the guests who you know are allergic to just dairy, gluten, shellfish, etc. (And extra bonus points if you put the “I’m free of… nuts” card in front of your obnoxious uncle.)

Speaking of nuts, check out the Food-Sensitive Foodie’s blog today. Marisa made a special maple rosemary almonds recipe for readers that’s gluten-free and dairy-free. We know this recipe would pair nicely with our awesome and free Wine and Cheese Wedding guide.

Free printable food allergy card

Free printable food allergy cards

Enjoy your weekend, brides! And let us know how you use these food allergy place cards. We think they’d work nicely for a fun dinner party, too.

If you used our free printables in an awesome project, we would love to see your work! Send your photos to for a chance to be featured on our blog!

Amy Trang is the executive editor who brings you these lovely words. She’s glad that words don’t need to be color-coordinated because she would have failed English class miserably.

7 Comments on "Freebie Friday!
Food allergy place cards"

  1. Kate says:

    I love those allergy cards. I’d like to send them out with my wedding invitations. However, the link isn’t working. Are these still available? Thanks!

  2. Ruth B says:

    I love these!

    As someone with an unusual food allergy this wouldn’t actually help me out, but I love the idea of allowing at least some guests to not have to face the at-times-embarassing task of quizzing servers about the food.

  3. Fonnetta says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! These are just fabulous!

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