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New Years Party Flags

Free printable new year party tags

I think this post might just be my favorite of ALL TIME (so far) and let me tell you why: When photographing glasses of champagne (and yummy melty rock candy) there is one MAJOR perk … two glasses of leftover champagne mixed with yummy melty rock candy. And I am a frugal woman. I let nothing go to waste. Therefore, I introduce you lovely people to the FIRST EVER SLIGHTLY-TOASTED MARRYTHIS POST! Perhaps we should start a new series of drunken, wedding-related posts? (Announcer voice: “Coming next week: Your WORST wedding guests and WHY you hated them, NEXT on ‘Slightly Toasted!'”)

And also, these flags are the happiest, most fun colors in the WORLD. YUP. The whole freakin’ world. So, on this fabulous Freebie Friday (and New Years Eve-Eve) we gift these New Year’s party flags to our lovely, loyal and obscenely attractive readers.

We wrapped our flags around a piece of rock candy for a fun and sweet addition to each champagne flute. We also threw in a “Happy New Year” wine label to help hide the Andre sticker from your guests (let’s keep it real, people). For best results, print these fun flags on white or cream heavy card stock. We recommend using a spray adhesive to stick the wine labels on each bottle.

Happy New Year!

Free printable new year party flags

Free printable new years party flags

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