A Wedding Setting: Confetti Extravaganza! Part Deux

Hello lovelies! Welcome to part two of our three-part Wedding Setting: Confetti Extravaganza! I looooove this movie! Confetti should be a part of every bride-to-be’s movie playlist! We kick off today with Confetti’s musical-themed wedding. While I LOVE this theme, it would definitely take a super-special couple to pull it off. Read on for musical, wedding awesomeness!

Confetti wedding inspiration board

Confetti is a British mockumentary about three couples who won their dream wedding through a magazine contest. In true British form each wedding is horridly themed (there’s a tennis, musical and nudist wedding — you heard right, NUDIST) and hilarity ensues as everything that could possibly go wrong, does.

With hues of pink, black and silver, this singing-dancing wedding is just BURSTING with glamour. This palette would be fabulous for any bride with a flair for Hollywood.

Make sure to check back for part trois (it’s the NUDIST wedding!) of our Wedding Setting: Confetti series!

Confetti wedding inspiration board

1. Twine wedding invitations, $2 each | 2. Crystal drop earrings, $85 | 3. Black and white tent favor boxes, $1 each | 4. Miss Me Vibe heels, $50 | 5. Sue Wong feather beaded gown | 6. Pink peony bouquet | 7. Love to Love You Dress, $170

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