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Grey Gardens (the remake)

A Wedding Setting Grey Gardens inspiration board

There are few movie remakes that I love as much as Grey Gardens. This documentary turned blockbuster is filled with gorgeous comparisons of the bright and muted, clean and dirty, happy and sad times found at Grey Gardens in the East Hamptons.

For today’s Wedding Setting, I decided to focus on the muted, aged color scheme of late Little and Big Edie. I love this film so much I might just do another post featuring the early years at the Grey Gardens estate.

With a such gorgeous setting, complex-yet-lovable female characters, and an awesome color palette to boot, we think this movie is the perfect inspiration for any documentary, vintage-loving bride.

A Wedding Setting Grey Garden wedding inspiration

1. Muted mixed flowers and sage bouquet | 2. Pure Beeswax Candles Favor, $1 | 3. Vintage French Enamel Brooch, $100 | 4. Ease of Elegance Dress, $60 | 5. Temperley London Long Florence Dress, $2,900 | 6. Pampalore Mugs, $24 for 4 | 7. Jacquard Pashmina Scarf, €11 | 8. RED Valentino Scalloped Bow Flats, $365

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