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Happy Monday friends! I thought we’d kick off this week with a roundup of our top 5 posts ever! This list was calculated based on a combination blog and Pinterest views! And our top post ever is …….. drum roll ……..

5 Reasons To Get Married When You're "Fat"

1. Five Reasons Why You Should Get Married When You’re Fat

A bit controversial, yes — but still a great read. I wrote from experience ladies! Read why I think trying to lose weight before your wedding is the worst idea ever.

'Be My Bridesmaid' Cupcake in a Jar with Free Printable!

2. “Be My Bridesmaid” Ombre Cupcake in a Jar with free printable

Surprise your bridesmaid-to-be with this fabulous ombre cupcake in a jar! I love this little gift because it’s SUPER adorable, affordable AND shows your friends how special they are to you without the added pressure of a large gift or gesture. I almost forgot the best part … our cute inkjet transfer “Will you be my bridesmaid” napkins! Your girlfriends will be so surprised to see their hidden message waiting for them!

Free Printable Wedding Planning Timeline

3. Wedding Planning Timeline free printable

Our timeline will take you through each wedding task (and when you should do them) from the day you get engaged all the way to the big day. We even made you a section to take notes just in case we left something out (the horror!). Just download, print and get checkin’!

Pick Your Poison Bachelorette Party Favors with free printable!

4. DIY “Pick Your Poison” Bachelorette Party Favors with free printable

Lets be honest, you’re NEVER going to wear that “one last ride for the bride” T-shirt again. This fun Pick Your Poison gift box filled with mini liquor bottles is the perfect gift for any bachelorette and her posse.

5. Five Things Your Budget Wedding Doesn’t Need

Budget weddings require a bit of extra time and smart planning, but it is SO possible to throw a beautiful wedding and still have enough money left over to … um, eat … or whatever. Here’s a list of the top five things your budget wedding doesn’t need. Also make sure to check out our 5 Things Your Budget Wedding Can’t Go Without.

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Happy Planning!

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