Happy Earth Day!
Earth-Friendly Favors

Don’t forget that this Sunday is Earth Day! After all, Mother Earth puts up with our crap, litter and pollution all year – so it’s only fitting that we pay homage to our beautiful home with a special day. If I was Mother Earth and you didn’t remember my special day I would drop kick you in the throat and then flood your bathroom. Naturally (pun!), Mother Earth is much more patient and understanding than me, but let’s show the girl some love and try to be better this year, huh?

Pay homage to our favorite sugar mama by giving your wedding guests beautiful AND earth-friendly favors. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorites (the Jellyfish Air Plants are to DIE FOR!).

Earth Friendly Favors

1. Succulent favor and place card | 2. Tree saplings | 3. Cherry sacks | 4. Jellyfish Air Plants |
5. Seed bomb | 6. DIY seed packet

I hope you all have a fabulous Earth-inspired weekend! We sure had a great week here at MarryThis!

Here’s a summary of this week’s highlights:

Happy Friday!
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Earth-Friendly Favors"

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