Tired, Trendy & Timeless:
Edible Favors

It’s no secret that I love functional, practical favors. Why waste your money on personalized or monogrammed favors that your guests will just add to the donate pile within a year? Play it safe by showing your gratitude with an edible treat that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Now, I know I might get some flak for listing Jordan almonds as “tired,” but come on, ladies! I have nothing against this sweet treat — other than the fact that I have received these favors a billion times myself, and the rest of your wedding guests probably have too. Why not use this “favorable” opportunity to express your unique personality as a couple? Check out our edible favor assessment in this installment of Tired, Trendy & Timeless.

Edible Favors

Tired: Jordan almonds
Trendy: ‘S’more Love’ favors, via Bridesmaids and Weddings & Honey Jar favors
Timeless: Truffle box, photo by Gina Meola Photography

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One Comment on "Tired, Trendy & Timeless:
Edible Favors"

  1. Janice says:

    Edible favors are a popular option. With some creative D.I.Y. packaging and a touch of personalization. You can turn an ordinary food item into a unique party favor. Great ideas, thanks for sharing.

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