Tired, Trendy & Timeless:
The Grand Departure

I love the idea of a grand departure — actually, I’m kind of obsessed with it … probably because I didn’t have one. We, (in our NON-infinite wisdom) decided to stick around until the bitter end, and even attended a messy and drunken “after party” at a nearby hotel (it took me about .5 seconds to change out of my wedding dress right into sweat pants).

If I’d have known I would be THAT exhausted, I would have made a grand departure an absolute priority. Check out these Tired, Trendy & Timeless departures to help you plan the send-off of the century.

The Grand Departure

Tired: Bubble send-off
Trendy: Fun, whimsical balloon send-off, photo by Andrea Watkins & Gold metallic streamers,
photo by Kelly Moore
Timeless: Sparkler send-off

A few awesome wedding DIY links for your weekend:

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Happy Friday! I’m participating in a 60-mile relay race with my husband tomorrow (and by participating, I mean volunteering to help direct parking while running comfortably at zero MPH).

Have a wonderful weekend!

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