Wedding Guests You
Should Never Invite

Today I’m taking a break from the usual wedding decor/fashion chat for a small venting session.

There are no steadfast rules as to who you should and shouldn’t invite to your wedding, except this: If you have ANY doubt that the invitee will RSVP “yes” but then flake out and stand you up, don’t invite them. Yes, it’s a bit harsh. No, you will probably not regret it.

Wedding guests you should never invite {via Oh So Beautiful Paper}

“No shows” plague almost every wedding, and frankly, it’s just downright insulting.
Consider this a PSA: Wedding guests … if you RSVP’d “yes” to a wedding you MUST go.

Unless you’re sick, or your car broke down on the way to the wedding, or you just went into labor. Then you get a pass. Otherwise you’re just being a douche.

Why? Because weddings are expensive. Weddings are SO expensive that we have devoted an entire blog to ideas for how to plan weddings that AREN’T expensive. And you being “not in the mood to go” or “not wanting to drive that far” is literally costing the bride and groom (who are presumably your friends or family members) hundreds of dollars. What a nice wedding gift.

Even though I was married almost two years ago, this topic STILL makes me mad. We had an entire TABLE of people who RSVP’d “yes” but then didn’t show. When all was said and done, our budget wedding cost around $160 per person. Those 5 empty chairs cost us $800. Money of which NO ONE enjoyed.

We could have spent an extra three days on our honeymoon. We could have applied that money toward a downpayment on our first home. The point is … no one likes to waste money – especially if you have none.

So, next time you RSVP to a wedding make sure you actually go. Or if something comes up, just let the bride and groom know! No-shows happen, but it shouldn’t be inevitable.

What about you brides? Do you have any horrible RSVP stories? Did you have any strategies for who you did/didn’t invite? Let’s use this post as a chance to vent.

Happy Wednesday! XO, Allison

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Should Never Invite"

  1. Great post, and so true! It’s plain inconsiderate not to go if you RSVP, it can have such expensive consequences, as you say!

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