The Stuff Chick Flicks are Made of: Best Engagement Photos Ever!

Secret Photographer - Park Proposal Secret photographer proposal in the park – Shay Stephens

Today is my birthday — and what better way to celebrate than to post about whatever the hell I want! Warning: This post is either going to make you cry, or throw up in your mouth a little.

Because it’s full of love. Lots of unabashed, corny, beautiful love! There ain’t no mountain high, no valley low, ain’t no river wiiiiiiide enough baaaaaby … ahem, I’m getting off track here.

I love looking at engagement photos so much it verges on creepy. I didn’t have the mushy “pop the question” moment. He didn’t propose using a flash mob or by bringing me up on stage with Michael Buble. There was no romantic ambiance or even an audience. My man proposed to me while we were headed out the door to go buy beer for our Saturday night steaks.

And it was perfect.

Have you SEEN my husband? The mere fact that such a good-looking hunk of man would even consider marrying me is far-fetched enough (at this very moment I am wearing sweat pants, third-day hair and a Gwar t-shirt with a chocolate stain, mmkay?), but to top it off, he proposed to me while he was still in uniform. Enter, burning loins.

All this to say, that I wouldn’t have changed a damn thing. And it’s my birthday, so I get to curse as much as I effing want. Enjoy this love-tastic compilation and have a fabulous weekend!

Notebook Themed Engagement Shoot

“The Notebook” themed engagement shoot – Blushing Bride Studio

Park ProposalPark proposal – K. Holly Photography

Splash Mountain proposal

Splash Mountain proposal – PostSecret

Beach proposal

Beach proposal – Sarah DeShaw

Photo booth proposal

Photo booth proposal

Surprise photo shoot proposal

Surprise photo shoot proposal – Doll Face Studio

Ice Rink Proposaland my all-time favorite … Ice Rink Proposal – Chris Emeott Photography

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  1. Kp says:

    I wouldn’t have my proposal be any different (or any more flashy) than he did it – the proposal was very him, and in truth, very me, but all of these make me swoon just a bit. Oh and of course – Happy birthday!

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