Guide 4 Revisited:
A bonus bridesmaid
and DIY Milk Glass

In our weddings, we often focus on our bride and groom, but this 1940s Americana shoot had a special bonus you didn’t get to see in our guide – a bridesmaid.

americana bridemaid

Our bridesmaid’s halter-style cocktail dress is from Love, June on Etsy who also provided the bride’s gown. I love this dress because it’s really one of those bridesmaid dresses that you could wear again (think New Year’s Eve party!) and its champagne color adds a modern twist to the overall look. If you feel uncomfortable about buying a dress online, our free Americana guide talks about how to work with online vendors successfully for your big day.

white milk glass

Another touch I loved about this vintage wedding was the beautiful faux milk glass vases that pop against the blue tablecloth. Real milk glass can cost anywhere from $10-$100 per vase, but we were easily able to replicate the look at just a few dollars per piece. In our guide, we talk about how to make your own milk glass with white spray paint. An alternative to this idea is “inside painted” milk glass with latex paint.

DIY: Glitter drink trays

If you were paying close attention on Friday, you may have seen the trays that we used with Allison’s Freebie Friday drink flags. I made those! And you can too. In lieu of an illustrated DIY tutorial today, I decided to go a fun new route and put together a video tutorial. Enjoy!

Some notes on the supplies for this project: I found some fun, compact unfinished wooden trays on, and the acrylic paint I used is Martha Stewart paint, available at Michaels.

DIY Glitter Tray Tutorial

Don’t want to make your own? Then win one of these two on our Facebook page!

Freebie Friday! Drink Flags

Free printable drink flags

Happy freebie Friday, friends! Today we have a cute printable to help dress up your booze. Not that alcohol generally needs any accessorizing, but we think these cute “Cheers!” drink flags will help add a little flair.

The best part is that these printables are super versatile and would be great for many different wedding details. Attach them to rock candy to add to champagne. Wrap them around a toothpick and stick on top of a cupcake! The possibilities are endless.

These flags are double-sided and come in two cute color combos to help match your palette: pink/yellow and silver/white. We recommend printing these labels on plain white paper or full-size label paper. Just print, cut and wrap, baby!

Free printable drink flags

Make sure to check back next week for a video tutorial on how to make this awesome pink, glitter-tastic serving tray (we’ll also have a version in white)!

Free printable drink flags

If you used our free printables in an awesome project, we would love to see your work! Send your photos to for a chance to be featured on our blog!

Less than $200:
Pink Valentines

Bridesmaid fashion ideas

Tell me you don’t love Valentine’s Day and all the pink, gooey stuff about it. That’s what I thought. Since Valentine’s week is coming to a close here on the MT! blog, I wanted to get one more jab of hot pink in before we move on to other romantic territory. However, I’m busted here — this look is actually NOT less than $200. I went over by $23. So let’s keep that our little secret — your bridesmaids will never know if you buy them the $38 necklace as a gift. That brings their total down and makes a lovely way to say “Thanks for being my hot pink bridesmaid.”

Bridesmaid fashion ideas

Tahari Anita Dress, $98 | Michael Antonio Pump, $48 | Stila Love at First Blush Palette, $14 | Kenneth Cole Goldtone Link Necklace, $38 | Love Barette, $25

Inspiration: Luxe 1920s

Wedding color scheme ideas

This month, our free wedding planning guide looks back to another era: the 1940s. We love it, with all its Americana charm, but we know that not every bride loves that red, white and blue. So if the 1940s isn’t your era, then consider another decade. What about the 1920s? I love this alternate color scheme of silver and gold with a classy edge. Here are some fun pieces to get you started planning a 1920s-inspired fete.

Wedding color palette suggestions

J.Crew Tuxedo Jacket, $525 | Pearl Glam Necklace, $39.99 | Kate Spade Clinton Hill Dama, $328 | Seychelles T-Strap, $95


Ask MarryThis!:
The Work Dilemma

engagement, ask marrythis!

Some of us love our coworkers like family. And others of us … not so much. But when you spend at least eight hours a day with people, some personal news is bound to get out. Enter February’s Ask MarryThis! question about workplace wedding news.

I recently got engaged. And while I’m elated to share this news with my family and friends, I’m a little less happy to share this news with my coworkers. One, I hate being the center of attention and two, I don’t want to reveal any details of the wedding since I’m sort of a private person. In the past, when one of my coworkers have gotten engaged, everyone makes a huge deal about it and seems to suck up to get an invitation. And it works! I’m so self-conscious about this situation that I haven’t worn my ring at work nor have I told any of my close work friends. I know I can’t hide this news forever but I totally feel like I want to hide under a rock. What should I do? – Anna of Dallas, Texas

Sara: I totally get that you’re a private person, but getting engaged is an exciting time! You don’t have to scream it from the rooftops, but you also shouldn’t keep it totally hidden. Put that stunner on your finger and wear it proudly — when your coworkers ask, tell them in a friendly way: “Yes! I’m engaged!” and leave it at that. You’re entitled to your privacy, but having to hide something so exciting will cast a shadow over this exciting time in your life.

Amy: I’m definitely not a center-of-attention type of girl, so I feel your pain. However, I agree with Sara, it’s OK to wear your ring and be happy that you are engaged at work! If your co-workers are nosy about this new rock, be straightforward and honest. Just say thanks for the congratulations and move onto the next subject. And if your co-workers are getting pushy for an invite, just say that the wedding is small or that it’s just for family and friends. And if they are crazy pushy, you could also get all bridezilla on them, but that might make for an awkward next day…

Allison: To me, it sounds like you’re more worried about saying “no” than boasting about your good news. I spent many years fearing the dreaded “no” and allowed myself to be taken advantage of many times because of it. Stand your ground, girl! “No” does not have to be mean. You can definitely achieve truth from a safe distance with friends and coworkers. One of my favorite quotes on this topic (from Oprah, of course): “Love someone enough to tell them the truth, and respect them enough to know they can handle it.” Now go put that gorgeous rock on your finger and accept those warm fuzzies from your co-workers proudly! And if and when they start fishing for an invitation you’ll know the perfect thing to say … the truth. 🙂

What the MarryThis! team is thinking about this month…

Sara: Escaping winter weather on a beach somewhere warm, The Language of Flowers (OMG, so good!), Emoji

Amy:  The Black Keys (yes, I came to the bandwagon way later than everyone else), Serious Eats Chicago and Pret A Manger

Allison: Hi Hat Cupcakes, annual Valentine’s Day fondue dinner with my husband, house hunting preparation (what do I even WANT in a house?)

Horrible future mother-in-law? Not sure what budget-friendly means for a city wedding? Tell us your problems and we’ll do our best to come up with a solution. Three minds are better than one, right? Ask MarryThis! is a monthly feature, so send your questions to

Budget Tablescape:
Valentine’s Day Lovebirds

Happy Valentine’s Day! And of course, you had to expect that on a wedding-focused blog, we were going to totally eat it up. To celebrate today, how about a fun Valentine’s tablescape?

In coming up with a way to have striking tabletop decor at your wedding without spending a fortune, it’s important to think outside the box on materials. A classic wedding tablescape features a floral centerpiece — but that can be expensive.

Enter the humble cookie cutter. In pink and red hearts, they are the perfect foundation to a tablescape. As a bonus, they cost about a buck. And paired with inexpensive ceramic lovebirds, they make for the ultimate ode to love.

Budget Tablescape Ideas

Budget Tablescape Ideas

To make this tablescape yourself, you must first find cookie cutters. I found mine at a local kitchen store, but buying them online or in bulk is most likely to save you more money. These ceramic lovebirds came from Target at $2.99 each. That means that for $25, you can have a set of lovebirds and 19 cookie cutter hearts at each table. Pile the hearts up, scatter them around or put one on each plate. It’s sweet, romantic and even a bit modern. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Budget Tablescape Ideas

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