Less than $1K:
Beautiful Amethyst Bride

Less than $1K: Beautiful Amethyst Bride

I’ve been on a purple kick lately (did you see our new purple, Bistro Chalkboard wedding invitations?). With purple on the brain, it only seemed fitting to create an amethyst bridal look that is both elegant AND budget friendly! Paired with cute peep toe pumps and drop earrings to DIE for, this bridal look is sure to turn heads. Plus, at only $864 for the entire outfit, your wedding budget will love you too!


{Clockwise} Sweet Rose Strapless Gown, $695 | Satin Envelope Clutch, $55 | Essie nail color in Miss Fancy Pants, $8 | Teardrop Cluster Earrings, $6 | RSVP Cailyn Shoes in Purple, $100

Introducing Our New Etsy Store: Invitations, Wedding Stationery & More!

YAYAYAY! I’ve been working my bootay off for the past month, and I’ve finally launched our MarryThis Etsy shop! I’ve been wanting to open up an Etsy shop for. like. ever. And, TA-DA, it’s finally here!

Americana Wedding Invitation SuiteAmericana Invitation Suite

For those of you who don’t know, I am a graphic designer by day (where do you think all our free printables come from?) and opening a shop of gorgeous wedding stationery has been my dream for a long time.

We’ve launched 6 original wedding stationery suites that include invitations, RSVP cards and save the date postcards. Many more designs are on the way, so make sure to check back regularly!

Ombre Script Wedding Invitation SuiteOmbre Script Invitation Suite

Best of all, our invitation suites adhere to the “broke bride” standard we live by here at MarryThis! Our printable invitation suites are only $30, and personalized Save the Dates are just $20. By purchasing a printable, you are buying the personalized design file (.JPG or .PDF), that you will then print yourself using a home printer or professional printer of your choice.

Printing wedding invitations yourself is a great way to save a little extra money in your wedding budget. Email me if you need any help with printing, or check out our printing  FAQ page (note that not all designs will be best when printed the same way).

Would you rather have a one stop shop? We offer printing services too! We’ll send you a personalized file for your approval, and then print and mail the invitations to your home. All of our wedding stationery is digitally flat printed. We use 100# cover stock – a thick, heavyweight paper. We offer both Uncoated Smooth and Linen paper textures. Visit the shop for a list of prices.

Bistro Chalkboard Wedding Invitation SuiteBistro Chalkboard Invitation Suite

If you are a fan of my work, but don’t see a specific invitation suite that suits your fancy — I love doing custom work! Please feel free to email me at shop@marrythis.com and I would be happy to give you a quote.

Let us know what you’d like to see next in our shop in the comment section below, and make sure to check out the rest of our invitation suites!

I’ll be back on Wednesday with more budget wedding awesomeness!


A non-characteristically emo note from yours truly

You may have noticed that I have been a bit absent lately. And by a “bit” I mean for about three-weeks, which in blog-years, is practically a decade. The SparkNotes version is that life kicked me in the balls. A few different times. You know the saying, “when it rains, it pours?” Yeah. That happened. And so I took a break.

But you know what? YOU didn’t take a break visiting this site, and for that I am truly grateful. It feels so great to know that this little corner of the interweb that we have built is actually serving a need for people. Broke brides of the world, you are accepted here!

Now, I’m back on my feet and ready to kick some blogging ass. Regularly scheduled posting will resume next week – AND I have an exciting announcement for you lovelies on Monday! I’m just bursting to share.

Thanks for being so wonderful.

Fall Wedding Invitation Roundup & Friday Link Love

Happy Friday! It wasn’t until my heater kicked on this morning that I realized – BOOM! Fall is here! I love this season. I love it hardcore. I love big fluffy blankets and pumpkin cream cheese muffins and the beautiful colors our apple trees are turning. And I love fall weddings. Also hardcore.

To celebrate, here’s a roundup of our favorite Fall wedding invitations! And make sure to scroll down for our favorite wedding finds on the web this week!

Fall Wedding Invitation RoundupFall Tree | Autumn Leaves

Fall Wedding Invitation RoundupBig SurVintage Rose

Fall Wedding Invitation RoundupBotanical Stamps | Autumn Wreath

Fall Wedding Invitation RoundupGraphic Photo | Mellow Elegance

Fall Wedding Invitation RoundupHarvest Moon | Leafy Trim

Are you swooning? I’m about to go put on a pot of hot apple cider! Which of you brideys are getting married this Fall? What’s your favorite Fall wedding decor? Let’s get the conversation started in the comment section below!

Now for some awesome wedding links we found this week:

This week on MarryThis!:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Less Than $200:
Beachy Tropical Bridesmaids

Less than $200: Beachy tropical bridesmaids

I love the idea of a destination wedding. While I chose to get married in my home town I LOVE the idea of getting away for a little R&R while you are in the midst of last-minute wedding stress. Plus, you can just extend your stay after the wedding – there’s no need to travel again for a honeymoon! This bridesmaid look is so bright and airy! Add in some fun accessories and your girls are sure to match their tropical surroundings. 


{Clockwise} 1. Seaside Mojitos Dress, $60 | 2. Style&Co. St. Tropez handbag, $43 | 3. Essie nail color in Action, $8 | 4. Etched leaf bangle set, $10 | 5. Dangling faux stone earrings, $6 | 6. Michael Antonio Gota wedges in yellow, $36

Roundup: Fabulous DIY Table Numbers & Friday Link Love

Happy friday, friends! It’s the small details that turn a basic wedding into a beautiful one. I spent a ridiculous amount of time scouring over details, so I thought I would try to make it a bit easier for you with one of my favorite small details: table numbers! Here are a few of our favorites (also check out our very own free printable geometric table numbers)!

Fabulous table numbers

1. Spelled out tin can numbers | 2. Painted book numbers | 3. Bride & groom photo numbers | 4. Plastic painted numbers | 5. Wine bottle label numbers | 6. Table number napkins | 7. Vintage mirror numbers

Now for some awesome wedding links we found this week:

This week on MarryThis!:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wedding Guests You
Should Never Invite

Today I’m taking a break from the usual wedding decor/fashion chat for a small venting session.

There are no steadfast rules as to who you should and shouldn’t invite to your wedding, except this: If you have ANY doubt that the invitee will RSVP “yes” but then flake out and stand you up, don’t invite them. Yes, it’s a bit harsh. No, you will probably not regret it.

Wedding guests you should never invite {via Oh So Beautiful Paper}

“No shows” plague almost every wedding, and frankly, it’s just downright insulting.
Consider this a PSA: Wedding guests … if you RSVP’d “yes” to a wedding you MUST go.

Unless you’re sick, or your car broke down on the way to the wedding, or you just went into labor. Then you get a pass. Otherwise you’re just being a douche.

Why? Because weddings are expensive. Weddings are SO expensive that we have devoted an entire blog to ideas for how to plan weddings that AREN’T expensive. And you being “not in the mood to go” or “not wanting to drive that far” is literally costing the bride and groom (who are presumably your friends or family members) hundreds of dollars. What a nice wedding gift.

Even though I was married almost two years ago, this topic STILL makes me mad. We had an entire TABLE of people who RSVP’d “yes” but then didn’t show. When all was said and done, our budget wedding cost around $160 per person. Those 5 empty chairs cost us $800. Money of which NO ONE enjoyed.

We could have spent an extra three days on our honeymoon. We could have applied that money toward a downpayment on our first home. The point is … no one likes to waste money – especially if you have none.

So, next time you RSVP to a wedding make sure you actually go. Or if something comes up, just let the bride and groom know! No-shows happen, but it shouldn’t be inevitable.

What about you brides? Do you have any horrible RSVP stories? Did you have any strategies for who you did/didn’t invite? Let’s use this post as a chance to vent.

Happy Wednesday! XO, Allison

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