Less Than $200:
Edgy, Lace Bridesmaids

Less Than $200: Edgy, Lace Bridesmaids

Today’s budget bridesmaid look is perfect for the bride with a little edge in her step. With a combination of lace, sparkle and black accents, this look would be great for a classic black tie affair or a fall wedding. (It would also be a great bridesmaid look to match our Harold and Maude Wedding Setting!) Plus, with a price tag of only $142 for the entire outfit, how could you complain?


{Clockwise} Exquisite Visit Dress, $43 | Sarah Violet Seagrove Frame Clutch Wallet, $18 | Mother of Pearl Studs, $3 | Essie Nail Polish in Licorice, $8 | Chinese Laundry Hotline in Ivory Lace, $70

Roundup: Your DIY
Backyard Summer Wedding

Oh boy this summer has been a scorcher. I just want to lay on my patio and sleep … eat a snow cone … sleep … eat a snow cone … rinse … repeat. Although I personally was married in March I just LOVE summer weddings in high heat! Read on for some lovely backyard summer wedding inspiration!

DIY Backyard Summer Wedding

1. Summer flower bouquet | 2. Quite Simply wedding invitation | 3. Crepe paper decoration | 4. Drink buffet canoe | 5. Mini cherry pies | 6. Mason jar candle centerpiece | 7. Men’s striped tie

Less Than $200:
Blush Bridesmaids

Less Than $200: Blush Bridesmaids

Don’t you just love the ruching on this beautiful blush dress? Paired with neutral accessories and a bright, youthful clutch, this would be the perfect bridesmaid outfit for a romantic, ethereal wedding. Plus, these colors would look soooooo fabulous with dark and olive skin tones!


{Clockwise} Something Neutral Dress, $90 | Embellished Clutch, $25 | Woven Drop Earrings, $5 | Essie Nail Polish in Shop Til’ I Drop, $8 | Gabriella Rocha Christine in Beige Patent, $60

Roundup: Our Favorite Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Happy Monday! We all know that I’m not a big fan of monogrammed gifts … ok, I pretty much hate them. Try searching for “bridal party gifts” and the first page of results will all be monogrammed gifts. Why not give your bridal party a fun gift that they can get good use out of?

While bridesmaids are a bit easier to shop for, today we give you a roundup of our favorite groomsman gifts … sans monograms (ok, there is ONE monogram, but I promise, it’s not cheesy and SOOOO man friendly).

We like to do things on a budget here at MarryThis!, but this isn’t the time to scrimp. Chances are your bridal party will be spending their own money and time to be a part of your wedding, so make sure to say thank you with a quality, thoughtful gift.

Read on for 10 great manly-man gifts! (And if you’re looking for a gift for your girls, make sure to check out our Bridesmaid Gift Roundup!)

Groomsmen Gift Roundup


500-Piece Poker Chip Set – $45
Every man needs a complete poker chip set. Shell out a little extra dough and give your men a set with nice heavy chips and 2 decks of official poker playing cards (red and blue).

Microphone Speaker – $27
This fun retro-looking microphone speaker can turn any iPod or smart phone (with a headphone jack) into an instant boom box. Your groomsmen will love being the save-the-day DJ.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas


Hand-tooled Leather Reusable 6-pack Beer Carton – $85
Could this 6-pack drink carrier GET any classier? Talk about sexy. This gift would be perfect for the groomsmen who appreciates a good micro-brew.

Williams-Sonoma Bar Gift Set – $80
I’ve never met an alcoholic gift that I didn’t like. Chances are your groomsmen haven’t either. Help them connect with their inner James Bond with this classy cocktail gift set.

Groomsmen Gift Roundup


Upcycled Tent Dopp Kit – $38
I envy the man that can pack up all his toiletries in one measly bag. Usually half of my luggage consists of just hair products. This dopp kit is perfect for the outdoorsy groomsman. Upcycled from an old tent, it’s also environmentally conscious, too!

Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent – $40
In lieu of the tacky stripper-laden bachelor party, why not take your boys on a camping trip in the good ol’ outdoors? When you reach your destination, surprise them with their own tents — for keeps!

Groomsmen Gift Roundup


Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron – $30
As a military wife, I have a soft spot for all camo-related items. ESPECIALLY when they combine a sexy military outfit AND cooking! Your foodie friends will love knowing they can simultaneously BBQ, carry all the condiments AND an additional 7 beers. Major man score.

Personalized BBQ Branding Iron – $40
Ok, technically I think this counts as monogramming. But what man wouldn’t want to brand their own meat? It’s a bit misogynistic, sure, but doesn’t EVERY man love a good, juicy hunk of meat?

Groomsmen Gift Roundup


R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock – $40
If I could go back in time I would get all my groomsmen this R2-D2 clock. They were all major geeks — and this clock is majorly awesome.

Star Trek Bathrobe – $40-$60
Sure, your groomsman’s wives might not be too happy with this Star Trek bathrobe — but it’s sure to please any geek with a love for sci-fi. I can see my husband drooling from across the room.

Happy gifting!! What are YOUR favorite bridal party gift ideas? Let us know in a comment below!

Under $1K: Bright ’50s Bride & Friday Link Love

Under $1K: Bright '50s Bride

Total. Girl. Boner. I am in LOOOOOOOVE with this bridal look! I’m an old soul and just swoon for vintage looks like this. It’s candy apple red! It’s seafoam! It’s freakin fabulous. If you’re not a fan of short gowns for your ceremony, how about changing for the reception? Or wear this vintage number to your bridal shower! Best of all, this is one of our cheapest bridal looks yet. Coming in at just $625 you’ll have more money to spend on Mr. Draper.


{Clockwise} Comme Il Faut Dress, $400 | Sarah Violet Seagrove Frame Clutch, $18 | Essie in Mint Candy Apple, $8 | Carved Roses Earrings Set, $4 | Michael Kors Galli in red, $195

A few awesome wedding links for your weekend:

This week on MarryThis!:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Roundup: The Best
Paper Flower Tutorials

Happy Wednesday lovelies! Today we focus on one of the most expensive wedding decorations … flowers. While I do LOVE beautiful fresh flowers, if you can’t afford them, you can’t afford them. And in my opinion, no wedding is worth going into debt over (GASP!). 

If you still want the look of flowers at your wedding, why not consider making your own paper flowers? Read on for a roundup of some of my favorite paper flower tutorials.

DIY Paper Flowers Roundup

1. Ranunculus bouquet | 2. Giant single paper flower | 3. Tissue paper pom poms | 4. Glitter flowers | 5. Easy petal flowers | 6. Paper star | 7. Bright folded flowers

Best of all, these faux flowers will last longer than a week AND they could literally save you thousands. Now THAT’S something worth celebrating!

Happy Planning!

Best of MarryThis!:
A Collection of our Best DIYs, Free Printables & More!

Happy Monday friends! I thought we’d kick off this week with a roundup of our top 5 posts ever! This list was calculated based on a combination blog and Pinterest views! And our top post ever is …….. drum roll ……..

5 Reasons To Get Married When You're "Fat"

1. Five Reasons Why You Should Get Married When You’re Fat

A bit controversial, yes — but still a great read. I wrote from experience ladies! Read why I think trying to lose weight before your wedding is the worst idea ever.

'Be My Bridesmaid' Cupcake in a Jar with Free Printable!

2. “Be My Bridesmaid” Ombre Cupcake in a Jar with free printable

Surprise your bridesmaid-to-be with this fabulous ombre cupcake in a jar! I love this little gift because it’s SUPER adorable, affordable AND shows your friends how special they are to you without the added pressure of a large gift or gesture. I almost forgot the best part … our cute inkjet transfer “Will you be my bridesmaid” napkins! Your girlfriends will be so surprised to see their hidden message waiting for them!

Free Printable Wedding Planning Timeline

3. Wedding Planning Timeline free printable

Our timeline will take you through each wedding task (and when you should do them) from the day you get engaged all the way to the big day. We even made you a section to take notes just in case we left something out (the horror!). Just download, print and get checkin’!

Pick Your Poison Bachelorette Party Favors with free printable!

4. DIY “Pick Your Poison” Bachelorette Party Favors with free printable

Lets be honest, you’re NEVER going to wear that “one last ride for the bride” T-shirt again. This fun Pick Your Poison gift box filled with mini liquor bottles is the perfect gift for any bachelorette and her posse.

5. Five Things Your Budget Wedding Doesn’t Need

Budget weddings require a bit of extra time and smart planning, but it is SO possible to throw a beautiful wedding and still have enough money left over to … um, eat … or whatever. Here’s a list of the top five things your budget wedding doesn’t need. Also make sure to check out our 5 Things Your Budget Wedding Can’t Go Without.

Tell me, what are YOUR favorite MarryThis! posts so far? Share in a comment below!

Happy Planning!

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