Introducing Guide 7:
A Charming Brunch Wedding

A Charming Brunch Wedding

Our new guide is here, and ohmygaaawwwwd is it gorgeous! With bright pops of color, a beautiful spread of fresh fruit and pastries (there’s a three-tiered coffee cake!), and pastel floral arrangements to die for, this free wedding guide will have you swooning down the isle. 

A Charming Brunch Wedding

I am a BIG fan of brunch weddings. HUGE. I mean, think about it …

1. There’s LESS time in the day before the “I dos,” meaning there’s MORE time afterwards for you and your new hubby to appreciate such a special occasion AND still have energy at the end of the day (meaning you might actually get some on your wedding night … just sayin’).

2. It’s waaaaay cheaper. This 100-guest wedding only runs $8,000. Did you know that booking a restaurant or banquet room can save you big bucks on food, drinks AND rentals? Plus, you only have to coordinate with one vendor instead of three.

3. It’s socially-acceptable to get drunk at brunch.

Do you really need any more convincing? Our free guide will show you how to plan your own brunch wedding from start to finish. Head on over to our Guide Downloads page and check it out for yourself!

A Charming Brunch Wedding

Since our guides are way more in-depth than our blog, they’re the best way to dig into budget wedding planning in a fun way. What are you waiting for?

Allison is the owner and editor of MarryThis! With a love of weddings and a flair for budget-friendly ideas, she feels that gorgeous weddings don't have to cost an arm and a leg. A graphic designer by day (Allison Doty Graphic Design -, Allison also creates the visual presence of MarryThis!

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