Revisiting Guide 03
with crepe paper

crepe paper wedding

I love crepe paper. It brings back good memories of many childhood birthday parties I attended as well as the more recent office/farewell/just because/housewarming/we found your cat* adult parties. In Guide 03, the Bright British Pop Wedding, I learned that crepe paper works just as well for a fun and sassy wedding celebration. We used crepe paper to decorate our venue’s walls, creating a colorful design that looks like a contemporary art installation.

My love for crepe paper grew even more when I came across the Oh Happy Day blog. She takes crepe paper up a notch with these fun DIY crepe paper projects, confetti surprise lanterns and fringey streamers. With step-by-step directions, these crafty decorations would complement the party designs in our guide.

crepe paper diy

Guide 03 is one of our happiest and most modern guides – can’t you tell by how excited our bride and groom look?

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*Yes, there is such a thing as a “we found your cat” party. You can figure out who the guest-of-honor was and no, I did not host this party.

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2 Comments on "Revisiting Guide 03
with crepe paper"

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh Happy Day is one of my favorite blogs. I made the ruffled streamers for a friend’s birthday party, and they were so pretty! Although it did take awhile to tape together each strip of ruffled streamer, and they were very delicate. Even so, the effect was lovely, and I’d highly recommend it.

    • Amy Amy Trang says:

      I know, isn’t the blog so adorable? I was so inspired by all the creative ideas they had for crepe paper. It’s definitely not for childhood birthday parties anymore! Thanks for reading, Hannah!

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