Printing FAQs

Our free printables are the perfect budget solution for your wedding. All you need is a printer and a fiancé, but not necessarily in that order.

Here’s how it works:

Download, Customize and Print

Open our PDF file in Adobe Reader to add your personal wedding information (names, dates, venues, etc.). All the hard work and design has already been done for you, so all you have to do is type in your information in our convenient highlighted fields. Don’t forget to save the customized PDF to your computer so you retain the original.

Our printables are specifically designed to work with your home printer. We know ink is expensive. That’s why, when possible, we include more than one printable per sheet, so you can get the most out of your ink and your money. See our FAQ section below for more information on using a professional printing service (like Kinkos).


I don’t have Adobe Reader. What do I do?

Adobe Reader is a standard PDF reader and is already installed on most computers. If you don’t have it, visit the Adobe website for a free, safe and secure download.

What paper should I use?

We recommend using white or cream heavy card stock for all of our printables (unless otherwise noted). Bulk card stock is available at office supply stores like OfficeMax and craft supply stores like Michaels. We recommend using 110lb. card stock.

Will your printables work with any home printer?

Almost all of them. Our printables are formatted to standard letter-size paper (8.5 x11). If your home printer can use that, you can print our printables.

My prints look different than the design on my screen.

All computer screens are calibrated for color differently. If your computer settings aren’t calibrated correctly, or if you are running low on ink, you may have colors that print differently than they appear on screen. Check out this tutorial for help with calibrating your computer screen.

Can I take my printables to a copy place like Kinkos?

Of course! Our printables are pre-formatted specifically for your home printer, but our files will work with most digital printers. Bring the customized PDF file in electronic form to your professional printer for best results. As of now, our files are not set up for use with offset or letterpress printing. If you have more questions, or if your printer is having problems with your file, please email us at and we’ll try to help you out.

My last name won’t fit on your printables because it is too long.

My last name is Schexnayder. So I feel ya. We specifically design our printables to accommodate long names. But if your name is EXTRA long, please email us at and we can commiserate over our long names and I’ll help you out.

My printer is shrinking the printables.

After you click ‘print’ you should be prompted with a print dialogue box. Go to ‘page scaling’ and select ‘none.’

Can’t find your answer here? Email and we’ll help you out!

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  1. Erika says:

    Hello, I was trying to print the freebie friday labels but I can’t figure it out! please help!!! thanks! 🙂

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